Our income fund is a multi-asset unfettered fund that aims to deliver a 3.75%* target annual yield, whilst achieving some capital growth.

Our fund managers utilise a combination of global direct equities and fixed income to meet the target yield. As part of the investment selection process, the fund managers screen the global equity markets with a thematic investment approach in order to identify stocks that will produce sustainable long-term dividend income. Mark Van Moorsel and Henning Meyer of Sarasin and Partners are the appointed managers to run the WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund.

Fund Aim

The Fund will use a broadly cautious balanced investment strategy with the aim of achieving income with some potential for capital growth over the medium to longer term.

Investment Approach

WS Verbatim Portfolio 5 Income Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of global equity shares and will also gain exposure to the UK Corporate Bond sector through investment in a fund. The equity part of the portfolio will have a bias towards stocks generating a high and sustainable income with the aim of achieving a total return over the medium to longer term. As this is an income based fund, the asset allocation will vary to yield the best risk adjusted income. However, this will operate to a risk rating of 5 with a target volatility of 11.00%.

Managers of the Portfolio 5 Income Fund

About Sarasin

Sarasin are a specialist asset manager, trusted to invest £13.3 billion* on behalf of charities, private clients, institutions and intermediaries around the world.

As long-standing providers of multi-asset investment solutions, their diverse, experienced team stretches from global analysts and economists to risk experts, all sharing knowledge and ideas on a daily basis. Sarasin are passionate about what they do, and focus exclusively on delivering strong, long-term investment performance and exceptional client service. Using their history of investment expertise and innovation, they seek the most suitable businesses for long-term investment, taking seriously their role as stewards of their clients’ assets.

Sarasin operate as a partnership, with local management owning 45% of the economic interest. The remainder is owned by Bank J Safra Sarasin. The Group in total has assets under management in excess of £132 billion.**

* Source: Sarasin & Partners LLP as at 31 March 2020 (updated quarterly)

** Source: Bank J Safra Sarasin as at 31 December 2018 (updated annually); exchange rate used GBP:CHF = 1.2486 

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